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Dutch architects carry out complex and multi-use planning assignments in densely populated and highly urbanized areas. Also, within the cycle of reurbanisation Dutch architects are giving new lives to buildings that have become unused. Former warehouses, power plants and infrastructural buildings are now boasting state-of-the art architecture and layers of historic identity. Dutch housing schemes are renown internationally, schemes that foster sustainability, functional and spatial cohesion. Dutch architects have been masters at managing water and land for centuries, and developed a responsive spatial and urban planning approach. This book presents a selection of Dutch architects, experts in delivering esthetic and architectural quality to houses, corporate buildings, shopping malls, bridges, highways, parking garages... architecture examples were Dutch architects have accumulated a huge expertise to take on urban challenges.

Hardcover, 26,8 x 23,4 cm, 334 pages

Dutch architecture. Marjolein Visser

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