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"The Illustrator. 100 Best from around the World" is a TASCHEN book that celebrates the world of illustration and showcases the work of 100 exceptional artists from around the globe. Authored by Steven Heller and Julius Wiedemann, the book highlights the evolution of illustration from historical eras to the present digital age, emphasizing that illustration remains vibrant and diverse. In this comprehensive compilation, the book features a wide range of illustrative styles and techniques used across various media, including print, digital screens, books, packaging, clothing, and more. The 100 artists included in the collection represent the diversity of the field and offer a snapshot of the contemporary illustration landscape. Notable artists like Brad Holland, known for his groundbreaking work in the New York Times' op-ed section, and emerging talents like Robin Eisenberg, recognized for her unique indie-rock album cover designs, are featured in the book. The book offers readers: An introduction and foreword by editors Julius Wiedemann and Steven Heller. 600 pages of brilliantly reproduced works showcasing the artists' illustrations. Biographies for each artist, detailing their backgrounds, philosophies, motivations, and contact information. An index of illustration agencies. Julius Wiedemann, with a background in graphic design and marketing, and Steven Heller, a prolific author and design educator, serve as the editors of the book. The book's content provides insight into the artists' creative processes, inspirations, and the current state of illustration as an art form. The book's dimensions are approximately 21 x 31.5 cm, with a weight of 3.40 kg, and it spans 664 pages. It is available in English, French, and German editions, making it accessible to a wide range of readers interested in the world of contemporary illustration

For the last ten years, Steven Heller and Julius Wiedemann have traced the latest developments in illustration across the globe—and for all those who thought digital heralded the end of an era, they’re here to set the record straight.

There were extraordinary eras before mass media changed our viewing habits, back in the day when illustration was the most primary means of illuminating the word on paper, to today when we get our words and images on screens as small as a watch face. And in this environment, today’s designers and artists are holding their own brilliantly. Illustration is more free and varied than ever, and it is ubiquitous in all kinds of media from paper to screen, books, packages, clothing, cars, and restaurants.

This book celebrates the sheer quality, diversity, intensity, comedy, vivacity, and exceptionality of the work being created by illustrators right now. From veteran artists like Brad Holland, whose oblique and metaphorical paintings for the New York Times’ op-ed section revolutionized illustrative content in the 1970s, to up-and-coming stars like Robin Eisenberg, her pastel-skinned alien belles cruising in spaceships on indie-rock album covers, the 100 artists in this collection are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg, but they represent a compelling snapshot of the styles, techniques, and use of color by artists across the world. We dare you to pick your favorites.


an introduction and foreword by editors Julius Wiedemann and Steven Heller

600 pages of brilliantly reproduced works

a biography for each artist detailing their background, philosophy, motivations, and contact details

an index of illustration agencies

The Illustrator. 100 Best from Around the World Taschen

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